Double the fun with Stag, Hen and Sten Parties

stag and hen parties .

The thought of a pre-wedding party seems like an unforgettable celebration which you can enjoy with your dear friends. From hosting the party to digging the fun, everything about this pre-wedding gala makes you nostalgic and crave for more. Modern stag and hen parties allow couples to combine all the efforts to create one giant celebration by sharing the cost and multiplying the fun. The combination of the two, stag and hen, equals to a Sten party. Both the bride and the groom merge two parties into one for amazing fun and frolic. You can expect twice the laughter, some amusing games, costs getting shared and everyone can be with their partners. While you are planning one, here are a few ideas you can try-

Go karting with quad biking

Show your go karting abilities with quad biking. Allowing both men and women, it takes the fun to another level. The treks just require safe handling and driving experience. Once you get started there is no turning back. Just don’t forget to make your special moment captured.

Sailing fun with canoeing

Sailing fun is always a matter of excitement. Rafting with your friends,amidst the waves, is  pure adrenaline rush.. All you have to do is learn the basic skills and wear your helmet and sailing jacket as you are good to go. From paddling out to sailing back, it will be a total thrilling experience.  

Target your opponent with paint balling

With the mix of different ages, your pre wedding celebration is just not about cocktails and music. Rather choose paint balling which commences with guns, ready to aim at your target enemies and hit them with small paint darts. For Group Activity Weekend fun, you will feel the flow of magic and adrenaline working hand in hand.

In case you need all these at the same location, travel to Open Door Adventures in North Wales. The one stop destination offers few other excitements such as couple game archery, climbing amusement with abseiling, raft building and so on, as here the sun and fun never ends.





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