Weekend Breaks- Let the Adrenaline Rush Begin!

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We understand that time is a constraint these days and therefore a week long holiday isn’t really possible. However, it is essential to feel relaxed and alive every once in a while just to recharge before coming back to work. Weekend breaks can work magic to boost the state of minds of the entire family. If you are planning for a weekend then we list down some of the activities that you should take up for an adventure filled weekend-

Quad bike drive

Quad bike rides are really adventurous. Quad bikes are perfect to be driven at full speed in the sand. You can have a track and do laps on it or even race with others as a part of your weekend getaway.


If you loved water sports then canoeing can be a great sport that you can experience during your weekend. You get the first hand feel of being in water and dealing with the water current and flow direction.

Paint Balling

Grab your guns and shoot paint balls on enemies that you spot. This adrenaline filled game with guns can really be something to look forward to while being on a weekend trip with the entire family.

If you are wanting to endure great activities then Open Door Adventure is your ultimate destination in North Wales. Our adventure park makes it the best suited place for people who seek adrenaline and want to have fun. Apart from the activities above mentioned we also offer abseiling, archery and raft building amongst a large variety of others.


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